Webasto controls (Webasto)

Devices for monitoring the operation, status and configuration of equipment mounted on the vehicle. Using these devices, the owner has access to the settings of the duration and start time of the equipment, receives information about the status of the equipment (startup errors, etc.), can program the duration of the work, as well as switch various additional functions of the equipment Webasto.

Consoles are divided by type of equipment Webasto and the method of management. The most modern models of remotes are devices for control by means of a mobile, stationary phone or smartphone. More and more people appreciate the advantages of these devices, as with the help of GSM-modules it is possible to have access to the equipment at an unlimited distance and at any time. Depending on the type of phone you have, you can control the equipment using the voice menu (call), SMS or the application for your smartphone based on iOS, Android or Windows phone.