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Applicability: Thermo 50, 90S/ST, Thermo 230/ 300/ 350, HL 90 Part No.1322636A Alternative part No.88195A, 2710824A

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3 programs, are established day (weeks), time of inclusion and operating time (10-120 min.)

The timer 1531 (24B) for the prestarting heater - the saloon timer for control of the prestarting heater 24V, for example the Thermo 90, Thermo 90 ST, Thermo PRO 90 series, settings and readings codes of system errors of the prestarting Webasto heater.

It is intended for control 24V of heaters.

When using the timer, the owner can set time of inclusion and period of operation of the heater, inclusion according to the schedule (to 3 inclusions within 24 hours), inclusion on days of the week, forcibly to start the heater during the movement.

At a heater exit out of operation, on the screen of the timer the code of a system mistake for convenience of the notification of customer service about a non-staff situation with the equipment will be removed.

It is recommended for application by trucks and special equipment, in view of a strong design. On many means of transport in advance at the plant installation sites under timers of this type are provided

Sizes: 42 mm x 84 mm x 45 mm

Manufacturer Webasto
Country of origin Germany
Weight 0.5 kg

Tags: 88195A 2710824A 1322636A

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