The Atlant-Group company began the activity with wholesale and retail trade in auto parts and accessories in 2010. Geographically located in the West Siberian region, characterized by severe climatic conditions, the priority was the sale of thermal automotive equipment.

By 2011, our company had entered into dealer agreements with leading manufacturers of heating equipment and accessories such as haster calix, Webasto, nomacon, Termokeys, etc., and opened a distribution center where our experts were engaged in installation and maintenance of HVAC equipment, electric and Autonomous engine heater are already known.

The most popular among the customers of the center used electric heaters, because they differed significantly low price compared to Autonomous heaters, but they all had one big drawback. This thermosiphon circulation of the refrigerant. To ensure proper operation of the heater, the installer must be sure to find the boiler at the bottom dead point of the engine cooling system, otherwise the refrigerant will not circulate through the system to follow for those who have a proper working check valve, when "stuck" or not fully open the valve, coolant-heated heating chamber of the heater, and the thermostat shut off the heater, and heating just stops working.

Another disadvantage is that without a specific installation kit, it is impossible to install an electric heater on a specific car, since each model of the engine manufacturer has its own individual installation kit (fittings, tees, etc.).