Roof hatches, Webasto (Webasto)

Collection update for the 2016-2017 season
In the coming season, Webasto is ready to present to its customers a number of bright new products. Attention!

The new 300-series
300 series electric hatches in the new season are two models-Hollandia 300 Comfort and Hollandia 300 Entry. The hatches are raised above the vehicle roof to a height of 52 mm and have a length of open-ended opening 250 mm Models come two boxes separately and the hatch pattern for him. The frame of the entry hatch is made in neutral gray, and the color of the Comfort frame can be chosen at will - beige, gray or black. Please note: Comfort and Entry differ in size from the previous Hollandia 300 hatches - these models are not interchangeable. Hollandia 300 hatches of the previous generation are completely discontinued and no longer available.

Hollandia 400 Hatches
400 series sliding hatches are available in two versions - Hollandia 400 Classic and Deluxe Electric - different controls. For the" classic " version control is provided with a two-position button. The Deluxe Electric hatch is controlled by a five-button module. When mounting the roof covers of this series, you may need a kit with a roof seal - it comes under the art. 3390915A.