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Part No.FanControl-B2 Condition - new FanControl-B2 – it is the budgetary version of the module FanControl-U2. The functionality is optimized under the concrete list of cars.

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Possibilities of FanControl-B2

  • Inclusion of regular heaters in the mode of the prestarting heater
  • Inclusion of regular climatic installations for heating of salon and a windshield
  • Programming of speed of operation of fans and direction of streams
  • Control of Webasto and Eberspacher heaters on their regular digital tires
  • Control of emergency independent heaters in the mode of a heater of the engine taking into account ambient temperature, temperature of the engine, engine speed. FanControl obtains data from regular measuring elements on the CANBUS, installation of additional sensors isn't required
  • Control of the device, i.e. inclusion of heating systems according to commands of the external equipment (GSM systems, autoalarm systems), a regular brelk and regular buttons of the car.

Heat and cosiness in salon at any having waited a moment any frost it is possible to sit down in already warm salon. Forget about the frozen windows. The engine will be warmed up and ready to soft start. It is fine chance to save not only own time and a resource of the car, but also money for fuel. Besides, at soft start emission of harmful substances in the environment is minimum. FanControl turns on the heater before start – and, doesn't matter, regular or custom. At the same time FanControl includes regular climatic installation, and heat comes to salon. Thanks to support of regular CAN-protocols of cars and also protocols of prestarting Webasto and Eberspacher heaters, the module includes regular climatic installation and heaters exactly as it is provided by the producer of the car. Heater will warm up the engine before start even if initially he had no such function. To install FanControl modules, it isn't required to undergo special training and to receive the certificate from our company. Installation of the device is simple. The description of the module contains detailed photoinstructions for all supported cars. FanControl is an ideal exit if the car has no regular prestarting heater. In a line – modules for BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat. Various ways of management are possible. FanControl can synchronously join with the independent heater or is independent – with a alarm key FOB of the additional alarm system, through a GSM pager or the regular button of the car, and in some models – a "native" alarm key of the car.

Support of the following cars:

Audi A3 (2013--), A6 (2011–), A7, A8 (2010--), Q5, Q7 (2011--), Q3;
Skoda Octavia 3; Skoda Octavia 2, Superb (2009--);
Volkswagen Touareg (2011--), Touareg (2003-2010), Amarok, Multivan T5 (2003-2009), Multivan T5 (2010--), Passat B6, Passat B7, Passat СС, Golf 5, Golf Plus, Jetta (2006--), Caddy (2004--), Touaran, Tiguan, Golf 7;
Seat Altea (2004--), Leon (2006--).

FanControl – one of devices without which retrofitting of the modern car is impossible. To combine two hardware various platforms of the organization of the CANBUS, used for creation of data transmission networks in cars, CAN High-speed (ISO 11898-2) and Fault-Tolerant Transceivers (ISO 11898-3).

Technical characteristics:

Voltage: 9 -15V
Consumption current in the mode on duty: no more 2,5 mА
Consumption current in an operating mode: no more 200 mА
Operating temperature: -40C +85C
Relative humidity, no more: 95%
Manufacturer Tec
Country of origin RF
Weight 0.5 kg

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