Webasto heater 24v control Switch 2 Position

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Part No.109999 Applicability: Thermo 50, 90S /ST /Pro, Thermo 230/ 300/ 350 /E320 /E200, HL 90 Alternative part No.114051, 2711052A, 2711040A

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The universal switch supply voltage 24B (the article 109999) is intended for inclusion/switching off of heaters of Webasto HL 90, Thermo 50, DBW 300. This model is convenient in use and won't take a lot of place on the panel. It isn't difficult to install the switch independently.

The plate under the switch (the article 116389) and the central plug is included in the package (the article 105365). The plate is intended for protection of the contacts closing and disconnecting an electric chain. And the central plug to connect contacts and to connect the button switch to the power supply. It is possible to buy the button switch with a bulb 24B of Webasto (the article 109999) in our online store.

Manufacturer Webasto
Country of origin Germany
Weight 0.2 kg

Tags: 109999 114051 2711052A 2711040A

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