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Part No.1314637A Applicability: Thermo Top, Thermo Top Evo Alternative part No.9010148С

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Vebasto Telestart T100 HTM allows to switch on and off from long distance in the wireless way heaters Webasto Thermo Top C, Thermo Top E, Thermo Top P and also the car fan. To turn on the fan (for airing of salon), you will need to change the mode on the transmitter.

The T-100 HTM Vebasto Telestart system has potential to independently define necessary time and intensity of work of heating system, using external and internal temperature sensors. Specify time of desirable departure and level of desirable comfort (1-5) - and you will be met with guarantee by the heated-up cozy car. At the same time Telestart carries continuously out by T-100 HTM monitoring of temperature in salon and displays her on the remote control. Perfectly is suitable for flexible hours of trips.

Features of work

By means of the corresponding symbols the system specifies an operating mode of the prestarting heater or fan. At the expiration of the set period of operation from the moment of inclusion, parking heating is switched off independently or by means of heating automatic equipment again.

Depending on temperature condition in the car and also the chosen comfort step, the Heating-Time-Management regulator (heating time) defines the moment of turning on of the heater and the moment of his switching off. Everything that for this purpose it is necessary – to activate automatic equipment mode - and to set departure time.

Leaving and address

To avoid damages of the Telestart T100 HTM system it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • Not to subject to heating svyshe70 °C (for example, direct sunshine)
  • Not to break temperature condition (working temperature in the range ot0 °sdo +50 °C)
  • To store only in the dry room with small dust content
  • To make cleaning of displays only a clean and dry napkin

Optimum signal transmission is reached on open space or from a sublime point. Such conditions allow to operate the prestarting heater from distance of 1000 meters. Of course, in strongly built up area the distance is limited.

The battery is used: Varta 4028 V28PX

No. on price. Name Identification number. No.

1 A charm assembled black (with the battery) 1314638A
2 A battery cover (it is established on a charm) 9016158A
8 Duracell 6V (28L) 9011356B battery
3 Receiver (receiver) 1314639A
4 Antenna 9006339A/9013619A
5 Plait of wires 9010951A
6 A plait with the thermal sensor 9010126A
7 Arm of a receiver 1311162A
9 A wire with the socket and a connecting tube (function activation winter-summer) 67869B

Manufacturer Webasto
Country of origin Germany
Weight 0.5 kg

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