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Part No.9032129A Thermo Call TC4 (GSM) Entry-is new contol unit for Webasto heaters which allows to operate the heater by phone, using GSM channel of communication. Alternative part No.9032125A Appicability: Webasto Thermo Top C Webasto Thermo Top E Webasto Thermo Top Evo Thermo Pro 50 Thermo Pro 90 Airtop 2000STC Airtop Evo 40 Airtop Evo 55 Only for 12V heaters!

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By means of ThermoCall TC4 it is possible to switch on and off autonomous heating of the car irrespective of distance. Control is exercised through the SMS, phone call from the mobile/fixed network or through the smartphones ThermoCall application. As the control panel practically all mobile and stationary phones approach. By means of ThermoCall TC4 it is possible to operate an easy way the autonomous heating and ventilation established in the car. 

You can: 

  • to give a task period of operation 
  • to program inclusion time for the next 24 hours 
  • to operate autonomous heating from the smartphones application For smartphones of Apple, the Apps mobile applications are offered Windows Phone 8 and Android. They can be found in App Store of the respective platform.

ThermoCall TC4 Entry - the device released by the Webasto company for the company automobile systems of autonomous heating. It is intended for remote control of such autonomous heating system at any distance within a covering of a cellular communication network. In the car the main unit of the device which connects a cable to heating system is installed. The main unit with the SIM card installed in it accepts signals on network of the GSM standard as from mobile phones, and stationary, however, in the latter case possibilities of management are quite limited.

Control is exercised by means of the button, phone calls, Sms or use of the free application for smartphones under control of Android, iOS or Windows Phone 8. Each of these ways of management has the opportunities and restrictions. So, by means of a call it is possible to include or switch off heating only. Also such opportunities as the choice of temperature and an operating mode for air heaters, registration and removal of phone numbers (at most 5 numbers) and also inquiry of a condition of heating system give sms or a mobile application.

In spite of the fact that ThermoCall TC4 Entry is the budgetary version, its limited functionality quite is enough for the vast majority of motorists. The device is capable to operate both the liquid, and air systems of autonomous heating of production Webasto:

Thermo Top Evo 4;

Thermo Top Evo 5;

Thermo Pro 50;

Thermo Pro 90;

Air Top 2000 ST;

Air Top Evo 40;

Air Top Evo 50.

One time with an exit of ThermoCall TC4 Entry in Google Play Market, Windows Store and Apple App Store there was well updated mobile application for management of heating system. The new version is completely free, differs in high extent of unification (by means of one application it is possible to operate various models and modifications of ThermoCall), supports system of notifications of the user, including is capable to warn him about the future changes of weather.

To start operation of ThermoCall TC4 Entry, it is necessary to install in it the SIM card and to register the phone numbers in memory of the device. It can be both mobile phone numbers, and stationary. Right after this ThermoCall TC4 Entry it is ready to full use thanks to optimum exposed factory settings: duration of heating or ventilation is established at the level of 30 minutes (available range: from 5 to 120 minutes), temperature - 21 °C (available range: from 5 °C to 35 °C) and also a normal operating mode (the available modes: normal, economic, boost). The last two parameters are available only to air independent heaters.

ThermoCall TC4 Entry can accept 24 various SMS teams operating various parameters and operating modes of heating system.


Control of Liquid heaters Yes
Control of Air heaters Yes
Turning on of the heater call Yes
Turning on of the heater Sms ("START") Yes
Mode "Heating" Yes
Installations of desirable temperature (for air heaters) Yes
Inquiry of a condition of the heater ("STATUS") Yes
The maximum quantity of the allowed phone numbers of 5 pieces.
Duration of work ("1234TIMER1:XXX") 5 - 120 min.
Duration of work ("1234TIMERAUX:XXX") 5 - 120 min. / are infinite
Range of desirable temperature (for air heaters) 5 °C - 35 °C
Supply voltage is 12 V
Consumption of current in a waiting mode 0,005 A
Dimensions: 95x55 (75) x30

Manufacturer Webasto
Country of origin Germany
Weight 0.5 kg

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