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FanControl-GSM If your car is equipped with the independent heater or you plan him to put – our offer for you. The new solution of FanControl-GSM has united in itself possibilities of the climatic FanControl module and security GSM system. Thanks to combination of two devices in one system car owners will save money on purchase of the additional equipment, and fitters – time necessary for retrofitting of cars.

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FanControl-GSM will give an opportunity to the car owner at all seasons of the year beforehand to create comfortable climate in inside of the car and will allow to keep an engine resource.

Operating system from the smartphone, you can:

  • To start prestarting warming up of the engine
  • To beforehand warm up salon and to defreeze a car windshield in winter season
  • In hot day to air salon before a trip.

When using a new GSM control system of climate the owner of the car has a number of the security and service opportunities allowing to define a state and location of the car:

  • Control of a condition of the car (status of the central castle and condition of perimeter)
  • Obtaining notices on phone of operation of the regular alarm system
  • Positioning of the car on a signal of base stations (LBS)
  • Possibility of connection of the GPS/GLONASS-270 module for exact positioning of the car at a bad signal of GSM.
  • Information on air temperature in salon and behind a board and also engine temperature
  • The mode of a heater – the heater will join automatically, at the started engine and air temperature below 5 °C
  • The Holiday mode – allows to cancel pressing of one button settings of automatic starts for the period of your absence.

In any situation management of FanControl-GSM was reliable and user-friendly. A wide choice of options of management of system will satisfy to habits and preferences of any car owner. Besides, the set of ways of management of FanControl-GSM excludes emergence of any problems in places with unstable communication.

It is possible to operate system by means of:

  • The convenient FanControl mobile application for iOS and Android
  • Carefully thought over voice FanControl menu
  • Regular key of the car
  • Fast SMS
  • Schedules (for example, each weekday at 8:00)
  • Preliminary settings of the timer and sensor of temperature.
Manufacturer Tec
Country of origin RF
Weight 0.5 kg

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