Webasto AT2000ST control unit SG 1574 12V petrol

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Part No.9013148A State - new Petrol gasoline For AT2000ST

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Control unit.

The control unit regulates operation of the heater and controls process of combustion according to indications of sensors of a flame, air temperature on an entrance and an exit from the heater, position of the handle of a temperature regulator. The built-in sensor of temperature can be replaced external. At malfunction emergence the control unit makes diagnostics of the heater and gives a malfunction code. Depending on a heater complete set, on the display of the kombi-timer (in the form of figures) or on the switch indicator (in the form of a block code – blinking). Besides, diagnostics of the heater can be carried out, using the diagnostic adapter and the personal computer.

Replacement of the control unit.


1. To remove the heater.

2. To disassemble the case.

3. To accurately move apart a clamp on a blower motor fan of the supercharger of air (2 flat screw-drivers).

4. To remove a blower motor fan of the supercharger from a shaft.

5. To take sockets from the control unit.

6. To turn out self-tapping screws and to remove the control unit.

7. To perform repair work with the removed elements.

Instruction: The control unit isn't subject to repair work.


1. To bring the control unit into adjusting situation and to record screws.

2. Moment of an inhaling of screws of 0,7±0,07 Nanometers.

3. To Krylchatk of the supercharger of air to put on a motor shaft. To besiege her before click of clamps in a flute on a shaft.

4. To connect shtekerny sockets on the control unit.

5. To collect case details.

6. To install the heater on the vehicle.

7. To check CO2 value, if necessary to adjust.

8. To check ease of rotation of a krylchatka by hand. At the subsequent inclusion to pay attention to possible noise.

ATTENTION! blower motor fan has to be free from foreign objects.

Manufacturer Webasto
Country of origin Germany
Weight 1 kg

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