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Part No.9029783A Applicability: Thermo Top, Thermo Top Evo

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Features of the device

The device acting as the monitor for water heaters. Possesses the developed and clear interface of the user. The menu of the panel is Russified that significantly facilitates her use in everyday life. The device is equipped with the button of direct turning on of the heater and includes function of the week timer.

Features and advantages of operation

  • The carried-out turning on of the heater directly, by means of the button
  • Intuitive and clear, friendly interface
  • The state indicator on the button of turning on of the heater (it is active when the display dies away)
  • The week timer (an opportunity to adjust up to 3 moments of turning on of the heater for each day of the week)
  • The built-in sensor of air temperature in salon (it is possible to set display t ° on the display)

Features and advantages of installation and diagnostics

  • Compatibility with other control systems of Webasto
  • The built-in interface for diagnostics and control, both the panel, and the heater
  • Service menu of the panel
  • Simplicity of installation (bilateral adhesive tape) and existence of additional options of fastening (by means of an arm and self-tapping screws)

The MultiControl Car panel consists of such elements: The LCD display, the state indicator, the button of direct turning on of the heater, temperature sensor, the Webasto logo, the button wheel for navigation in the menu, a connecting cable and the diagnostic socket.


  • Dimensions: 68х15х48 mm
  • Tension: 12-24 V
  • Maximum current: 0.5 мА (waiting mode) / 17-23 мА (during the work without external relays)
  • Weight: 41 g
  • Working temperature: from-40 to +75
  • Temperature of storage from-40 to +90


Arm assembly MultiControl

The arm is fixed by two self-tapping screws on the chosen surface. The panel is latched in an arm frame

It is ordered in addition 9030077A

Diagnostic cable

For an entrance to the service menu and diagnostics through WTT

Manufacturer Webasto
Country of origin Germany
Weight 0.5 kg

Tags: 9029783A

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