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Water heaters Spheros Thermo E 200, in combination with a heating system designed -for heating the cabin -for defrosting Windows -for heating up vehicle engines with water cooling. Item No. 11114949A Alternative Item No.: 11119152A 11114948A 11114949A 11116350A 11114952A

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Water heater operates independently of the engine and connected to the vehicle cooling system, fuel system and electrical system of the vehicle. It fastens by means of threaded connections on the frame of the vehicle chassis or on an additional cross member.

The heat generated during combustion of liquid fuels. Through the heat exchanger heat is transferred to the heating system in the cooling circuit. Periodically adapting to changing needs for warmth. Using the temperature sensor signals, the control unit regulates the turning on and off of the burner.

Supplied with the heater:

  • Heater
  • Circulating pump U4814
  • Elbow silencer
  • Package with terminals, fittings etc. installation elements.


1 Burner

2 coolant feed

3 Plug gauge

4 temperaturyso Sensor built-in overheating protection 

5 coolant drainage6 heat exchanger

7 Outlet exhaust system

8 fuel, drain

9 combustion air supply

10 fuel feed

11 protection against splashing water (Alternatively, lattice)

12 Grid

13 Tube heated air Inc. adapter (Alternatively, lattice)

Thermo E series heaters consist of the following main components:


-Combustion chamber

-Heat exchanger

The outside of the vehicle in the cooling circuit is built-in circulating pump, whencompact it is incorporated directly into the heater, its management is carried out mainly directly from the control unit. External control of circulating pumps (UPFA) for series Thermo E.

1 Wall heater with blower

2 heat exchanger inlet

3 Heater

4 circulating pump

5 ceiling mounted heat exchanger

6. the vehicle's engine

7 shut-off valve


Principle of operation the heater operation is based on the principle of mechanical injector high pressure and is controlled by a built-in control unit.Burner engine powering the fan and fuel pump. Fuel pump is connected to the motor coupling.Air required for the combustion air fan is served depends on the engine speed burner.The initial setting at the factory is running CO2 Spheros. To adapt to different types of use (Extenders for intake air or exhaust gases) and after the maintenance or repair value CO2 again be adjusted at service stations.The fuel pump is mounted fuel pressure using a pressure reducing valve is reduced to the desired value. Solenoid valve delivers fuel forburning through the dispenser nozzle into the combustion chamber.As additional equipment, the fuel pump can be equipped with preheating nozzle. Heating system heats the injector tube nozzle with spraying nozzle and thus fuel at temperatures below 5° c.Ignite the fuel/air mixture in the combustion chamber is running from high voltage ignition sparks. Flame control with UV sensor is carried out flame, built into the control unit. Enabling and disabling the heaterOccurs depending on the equipment using the• Timer• the switch• or the air-conditioning system.When running in heat mode, the burner turns on and off automatically. 

For regulation in the water tube heat exchanger is a temperature sensor.The heater is activated when the temperature drops below the lower threshold (72° c) on and off when it reaches the upper temperature threshold (82° c). The difference between the stationary regime of heating and additional heating mode does not exist.

To protect heater from overheating the control unit changes the switching thresholds when exceeding the specified temperature gradients (gradients).To control the operational status indicator is provided. Work indicator is also used for the display of error messages by using the flashing code.

Max. current long load pump 8.75 A, Max. peak current for a duration of 0.5 c = 90 (A)-for maximum efficiency and reliability, it is recommended that you use the Spheros circulating pumps! To reduce inrush currents circulating pump for a short time, you can start with a control unit in the pulse mode.

When using pumps of other manufacturers test their compatibility!

Manufacturer Webasto
Country of origin Germany
Weight 22 kg

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