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Part No.1319992A for DW/Thermo 350 Alternative Part No. 21319A, 21319B Nomber on the motor: 113075013

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Air Motor

The air motor gives air to the combustion chamber. The air motor consists of a impeller with the electric drive. Air gets via the device for protection against splashes and an opening in a cover.

Check of the air motor.
Speed of the motor needs to be checked, without removing the heater from the car. If standard values aren't reached, the motor should be replaced.


1. To check the motor of the air motor.

2. To measure the entrance tension of the heater.

3. To turn on the heater.

4. To measure the frequency of rotation and to compare to the chart on the right.

At 24 V frequency is:

• at Thermo 230 4400 ± 350 rpm

• at Thermo 300 5200 ± 420 rpm

• at Thermo 350 6200 ± 500 rpm

Replacement of the air motor.
Instruction: When replacing the air motor the burner can be not removed.

Having disassembled the heater, it is necessary to be convinced that electrodes of ignition aren't bent and the nozzle of a nozzle isn't damaged.


1. To weaken bolts and to uncover a burner.

2. By means of the corresponding tool (for example, the core of 3 mm) to move the locking gate so that it was possible to remove the driving wheel.

3. To disconnect the plug.

4. To remove bolts with lock washers and the motor.


Instruction: To align the motor together with the control unit (in a fastening flange nest) and with the coupling (turning a power shaft).

1. To center the motor and to bring it into adjusting situation.

2. To fix the motor by bolts and lock washers.

3. To delay bolts with effort of 5 Nanometers + 1 Nanometer.

4. To connect the plug.

5. To set the locking gate on a impeller to position for assembly. To block a impeller the locking gate.

6. To pull a impeller over a power shaft and the corresponding tool (e.g., the core of 3 mm or flat-nose pliers) to shift the locking gate before blocking of a impeller.

7. To set a cover to position for assembly and to fix by bolts.

8. To delay bolts with effort of 2 Nanometers.

Manufacturer Webasto
Country of origin Germany
Weight 0.5 kg

Tags: 1319992A 21319A 21319B 113075013

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