Circulation pump U4814 24В Thermo E

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Art. 11114405A
Applicability: Thermo/DW 230/300/350, Spheros Thermo E200/320
Replacement 11113279B

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Circulation pump U4814 Thermo E 24V, d=38mm

Circulating coolant pump 2.5 A, 100W, 0.2 bar

Capacity (volume flow), l / h-5200

Rated voltage, V-24

Operating voltage, V-20-28

Rated power consumption, W-104

Replacements: 43152D, 43150B

Circulation pump U4814 Thermo E.
Located outside the circulating pump provides a flow of coolant to the contour of the vehicle or heater.Depending on the application, the circulation pump is switched on from the control unit or directly from the vehicle's on-Board network. it operates during the entire operation of the heater.

The heaters can work with aquavent 5000 (U4814), Aquavent 5000S (U4854), Aquavent 6000C (U4855) or Aquavent 6000SC (U4856) circulation pumps.

Aquavent 5000 (U4814) and Aquavent 5000S (U4854) circulation pumps.

The Aquavent 5000 (U4814) and 5000S (U4854) circulation pumps are equipped with a brush motor.

INDICATION! Aquavent 5000 (U4814) with end seal. Aquavent 5000S (U4854) with electromagnetic coupling (leaky).

ATTENTION! The circulation pump motor has no internal protection against incorrect polarity.

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