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Water heaters Spheros Thermo 350, in combination with a heating system designed -to heat the passenger compartment -for defrosting Windows -for heating up vehicle engines with water cooling. Item No. 11121057A alternative Item No: 9810067A, 85312В, 85314C

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Liquid heater operates independently of the engine and connects to the cooling system, fuel and electrical systems of the car.
Heater works with variable capacity and regulation is carried out automatically by the control unit in accordance with temperature sensor signals.

Webasto Thermo 350 24 v. Diesel available in the following configurations

  • 350.032 - 85314C
  • 350.203 - 11120234A
  • 350.203B - 11121057A


  • Heater
  • Elbow silencer
  • Package with terminals, fittings etc. installation elements

Heater contents:

Webasto Thermo 350 consists of the following main components:

• air blower

• heat exchanger

• fuel pump

• burner

To control the operation of the heater it has the following components:
• the control unit
• high voltage ignition coil ignition electrode
• flame detector
• temperature sensor
• heat limiter

Also in the car apart from heater circulating pump is installed

Water heater operates independently from the vehicle and connected to the sistemeohlazhdenija, the fuel system and the electrical system of the vehicle. It fastens by means of threaded connections on the frame of the vehicle chassis or on an additional cross member.

The heat generated during combustion of liquid fuels. Through the heat exchanger heat is transferred to the heating system in the cooling circuit. Periodically adapting to changing needs for warmth. Using the temperature sensor signals, the control unit regulates the turning on and off of the burner.

The principle of operation Spheros Thermo 350.

When you turn on the led indicator lights up. Run air blower, the fuel pump and circulating pump. If there is a heater jets and temperature is below with 0000, it also included. Approx. 12 sec served high-voltage spark ignition. After approximately 1 second then opens the solenoid valve in the fuel pump, and fuel through the injectors sprayed into the combustion chamber and ignited a high-voltage spark. Flaming registered flame, and the control unit turns off the high voltage coil.

On reaching the coolant in the heat exchanger operating temperature control unit switches on, and through adjustment mode toggle between turning on or off of the burner heat exchanger temperature (coolant) is supported approximately at a constant level. If the temperature rises above the upper threshold (threshold), the solenoid valve in the fuel pump cuts off fuel, resulting in the heating process stops and starts blowing: the flame is extinguished, but a supercharger and air the circulating pump will continue to run. After approximately 90 seconds (in heaters with control unit SG 1572D-120 sec) air blower off, ends, and begins blowing control pause-circulating pump continues to run, the indicator led lights up. When the temperature drops below the lower threshold (threshold), the heater will start working again. From heaters with control unit SG 1572D when zatrudnjonnom the course of fluid or bad its deaeration unit control automatically sets the lower threshold temperature, preventing the triggering of the heat limiter from residual heat.

When you turn off the burning fuel stops, the led indicator goes out to work. The circulation pump and the air blower are switched off across 90-120 seconds (in heaters with control unit SG 1572D-after 120 sec). Re-enabling a heater during the purge is permissible: preliminary purge, immediately after this turn on the burner.

Manufacturer Webasto
Country of origin Germany
Weight 17 kg

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