Webasto Air Top 2000 STC 12v Diesel heater kit

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This is the latest generation 2kw heater available on the market today. A compact Webasto diesel heater with a heat output of 2 kW. It has an impressively low level of electric power consumption and low level of diesel consumption at a maximum of just one litre for every 4 hours of maximum heat output operation. This air heater can be installed in addition to conventional heating systems for optimum comfort. Articles: 9034358A Alternative articles: 9014878B

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Please Note - Not for heater operation above 1500m

Webasto AT2000 STC Kit contents:
  • 1 1326822A Heater at2000sts B 12V 
  • 2 9035317A dp42 Fuel pump with damper 
  • 3 9027455A fuel pump wiring Harness DP42 L=7000 mm. 
  • 4 9035202A wiring Harness main AT2
  • 5 83052B Body control 
  • 6 9038898A documentation Kit Air Top 2000 STC 
  • 7 1310617A accessory Kit AT2000S/ST/STC 
  •  82329A mounting accessories Set 
  • 9 1320165A Clamp D24-26 
  • 10 9024806A fuel connection Kit HD 
  • 11 9028513A fuel Pipe 5X1.5 PA12-ETFE 5000mm. 
  • 12 9038902A Pipe exhaust system D22.2 L=600 mm with cap 
  • 13 9038906A air intake Tube FFPYL-MOD-BS D22 L=400 mm. 
  • 14 1317376A cable Tie 17pcs. 
  • 15 9039553A air intake Kit D22 
  • 16 9027998A fuel pump to heater connection Kit

Applications also Include:
  • Vans and Small Buses
  • Caravans—Mobile Homes
  • Mobile Workshops
  • Electric Vehicles
  • 4 x 4 Vehicles (rear heating)

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