External temperature sensor with control unit cover (L-20m)

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External temperature sensor.

During repair or the current servicing of heaters the following works on re-equipment can be in addition performed:

• installation of the external sensor of temperature for optimum regulation of operation of the heater.

• installation of a torch from blendy.

Installation of the External temperature sensor.
Heaters optimum maintain desirable temperature if air temperature, flowing round temperature sensor, is close to air temperature in those rooms which need to be heated. But it isn't always possible, first of all because of features of an installation site of the heater. In that case optimum regulation of temperature is provided by means of the External temperature sensor (identification number.-№ 85049 A) which is installed directly in the corresponding part of the room.

Installation is made as follows:

1. To choose an installation site for the External temperature sensor.


• The sensor of temperature shouldn't be installed so that it was directly blown by a stream of warm air, and not near heat sources (for example, the regular heater of the car).

• He should be established to average height in a cabin of the car and on the surface as close as possible to vertical.

• The installation site shouldn't be in an area of coverage of direct sunshine.

• The External temperature sensor shouldn't be installed curtains, etc.

2. To uncover and take out the built-in sensor of temperature.

3. To fix the external sensor of temperature in the right place and to lay a cable to the heater.

4. To connect the plug of the external sensor of temperature and to put on a cover.

5. To carry out trial start-up and to check operation of the heater.

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