Air Motor for Webasto Air Top Evo 3900 12/24V

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At repair work it is obligatory to change consolidations (are delivered separately) 91364A

Air Motor.

The Air Motor gives air, necessary for combustion, from an airintaking opening to a burner. Besides, the Air Motor takes away air from the heated rooms, pumps over it via the heat exchanger of the heater and gives back to the heated rooms.

Replacement of the Air Motor.

Instruction: The Air Motor can be replaced only entirely, it is impossible to repair it.

ATTENTION! To watch that the Air Motor was replaced only on the Air Motor with the same productivity and an identification number.


1. To uncover.

2. To remove laying.

3. To remove consolidation.

4. To remove the control unit.

5. To unscrew screws.

6. To remove the Air Motor.

7. To remove flat laying.

8. To carry out works with the removed components.


1. To put on new flat consolidation the heat exchanger flange.

2. To establish the Air Motor and to fix by screws.

3. To tighten screws with the moment 4,0 ± 0,4 Nanometers.

4. To install the control unit.

5. To put on laying.

6. To establish a cover.

7. To put on consolidation.

Instruction: To adjust the heater on the CO2 level

Manufacturer Webasto
Country of origin Germany
Weight 1 kg

Tags: 9018417A

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