Controls for heaters berspacher are required for direct or remote control and monitoring of the heater operation. Management tools are divided into:

    remote control remote controls;

The most budgetary are timers. They are installed in the car's interior, pre-programmed to start heating at a specific time. The timer memory is usually designed for a minimum of three programs.

Remote control keys are convenient when you do not know in advance the time of your trip. Running warm-up is carried out directly from the keychain minutes for 30 - 40 before the trip by car. The range of such key fobs is usually not more than 1000 meters, and in urban conditions even less.

The most convenient way to control the preheater preheaters is GSM-module. When using this type of control, you do not care about the distance from your car, the module's performance is guaranteed everywhere where there is a GSM connection. For ease of use, there are programs for various types of smartphones.